Agric ministry updates on novel bird flu in Senegal


By Nyima Bah

The ministries of agriculture and health in concert with National Disaster Management Agency recently held a presser to update the public on the ravaging novel bird flu discovered in Thies, Senegal.

Being a member of the World Organization for Animal Health, with one hundred and eighty-one other countries, The Gambia is expected to take stringent measures to ensure  the country is protected.


Dr Ousman Ceesay, deputy director, department of livestock services, said they had already established a plan for such emergencies since 2015.

He said they will make sure the virus doesn’t get into the country by sensitizing their staff about the disease and conveying relevant information to farmers throughout the country.

He said it is assumed that the virus is also transmitted to humans and no doubt that it will cause some economic hindrances in the poultry industries.

“If it gets into the country the poultry industry will be severely affected because it’s going to kill lots of birds,” he said.

He said there are no scientific symptoms  known yet but it is assumed the birds show some different coloration on the featherless parts and feet.

President of poultry farmers in The Gambia, Amadou Demba, said with regard to the temporary ban on poultry importation, the poultry farmers’ association is ready to supply the whole country with chickens and eggs, though lamenting that they are financially unsettled and most of their structures are under utilized.

He added if help is provided, he assured there will be no shortage of chickens and eggs in the country.