GIA seeks to transform Banjul into air transport hub


It came on Saturday during a forum organised for travel agencies at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, Kololi. The forum also explored ways of improving the quantity of air ticket sales for the brand new L6 Mauritanian Airlines launched in the country four months ago.

The Acting Managing Director of GIA, Mr Ebrima Sallah, in his statement said there was need for travel agencies to put more efforts to provide more passengers for the airline which flies from Banjul to Nouakchott and back via the Senegalese capital Dakar. He called for more concerted and coordinated efforts between GIA and its partners in the airline business industry to transform Banjul into a hub, in terms of airline operations.

 He further disclosed that new airline companies are poised to register their operations in the country, and make The Gambia as their base. He added that this can only be achieved, if higher customer availability is guaranteed.


Zakariya Ceesay, the director of operations at GIA, reiterated the significance of the meeting saying it availed GIA and partners the opportunity to discuss as a family and move forward to achieving a common goal in a transparent manner. He recognised the need to come up with new strategies to ensure higher customer availability for the L6 Mauritanian aircraft, which has a capacity of 450 passengers.

 On her part, Lika travels Agency Proprietress Lika Cessay emphasised the needs for punctuality and reliability of the airlines, noting that it is important in the quest for more passengers. Madam Ceesay said there was need to provide direct window for travel agents, something she said will go a long way towards speeding the air ticket sales transactions.

Representatives from Obits travel agency among other participants also hailed GIA for coming up with such an important venture, by identifying the travel agents as its sole partners and that the meeting will enable stakeholders to discuss on matters relating to the airline business.  They also vowed to step up their actions to increase sales, thereby providing more passengers to the L6 Mauritanian Airline.