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Monday, October 25, 2021


A visibly grief-stricken aunty of the deceased, Aji Fatou Jallow, yesterday told The Standard at EFSTH: “I understand the incident happened at the house of Modou Tijan yesterday [Wednesday] over an argument with his girlfriend over buying dress for their baby daughter. There was a row and Tijan went out of the house and the girl followed her. At that point my sister, Tijan’s mother, asked Tijan’s sister to follow them and see whether they were still fighting outside. Shortly afterwards, Tijan’s mother went out and hit at her son so that he will leave the girl alone but the boy told her, ‘Mum you are hitting me, don’t you know she has stabbed me with a knife?’ The girl at that time said she only hit him with a stone. He was then rushed to Bakau Health Centre where he was pronounced dead. He will be buried today at 5pm after the post-mortem which is on-going now.”

Friends of the two young people said they had a somewhat tempestuous and abusive relationship. Kuku is believed to be in her late teens. Yesterday she was seen handcuffed and being driven in police pick-up truck from the hospital morgue. 


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