Golden Jubillee final today


Following the weekend crackers in the Golden Jubilee football championship, the stage is now set for today’ s final at the Serekunda East park. Lower River Region received the luck of the draw in this inter- regional football championship which started Friday. The Kiang and Jarra boys benefited from the uneven number of ties with the number of teams in the draw.

Six regions, NBR, URR, CRR, WC, KM and Banjul were paired in the first round, leaving LRR without a partner.

The organisers then handed a bye to the region sending them straight to the semi-finals where they lost to West Coast. Banjul also lost to CRR in the other semi final last night. The semis were being played as we went to press last night.


Today’s final will be played at the Serekunda East park between West Coast and CRR.