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President Jammeh said: “It is with a great sense of pleasure that I preside over the official launch of the commemorative 20 dalasi polymer banknote, the new family of Gambian banknotes and the commemorative coins at a time when we celebrate the 50th independence of our country. While we recognise banknotes as a means of facilitating transactions in an economy, we should also underscore the fact that they are a unique symbol of national identity, pride and unity. 

“As the Gambian economy grows and becomes more sophisticated, it becomes compelling to embrace technology to modernise payment methods. And since cash continues to be an important medium of payment, regardless of the level of sophistication of an economy, it is imperative to issue currency notes that are not only durable and authentic but that also meet the minimum international quality standard. In this regard, I wish to commend the central Bank of The Gambia for ensuring that my government’s commitment to the introduction of banknotes with the qualities of durability and authenticity has been taken into account in the new designed Gambian banknotes.”

The new 20 dalasi banknote bears the portrait of President Yahya Jammeh and is smaller compared to the current ones. It was part of events to mark the golden jubilee anniversary of the country’s independence.  Officials said it is also consistent with best global practices for Central Banks around the world during the celebration of national events. The new family of Gambian notes include a re-designed 200 dalasi banknote and two coins. The 25 dalasi note will be giving way, but remains a legal tender till when it all returns to the coffers of the Central Bank. 


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