Gov’t denies discriminating diaspora


Kerewan, North Bank Region—In the wake of widespread reports attributing discriminatory remarks to the Local Government minister about land grabbing, The Gambia Government wishes to allay the fears of Diaspora Gambians that the remarks attributed to the Hon. Musa Drammeh are totally false and grossly exaggerated to potentially smear the image of the minister and the Barrow Government.

On the contrary, on day one of the Presidential Tour, Hon Musa Drammeh cautioned farmers in Essau, Lower Nuimi District and Lamin village, Upper Nuimi District to be weary of some foreigners posing as genuine investors who may eventually end up seizing their lands and rendering them landless as has happened in Zimbabwe and South Africa during colonialism.

In fact, Hon. Musa Drammeh had advised traditional landholders to always liaise with their District Chiefs and Regional Governors to help them work out the modalities of lease agreements lest they fall prey to these dubious merchants.


Minister Drammeh said his ministry was aware of some foreign merchants masquerading as well-meaning investors who would end up buying several acres of land to the detriment of unsuspecting, innocent citizens.

He reminded them that their lands remain the most precious natural heritage bequeathed to them by their ancestors and they should therefore, always protect and jealousy preserve these priceless inheritances to eventually pass on to future generations.

Therefore, The Gambia Government wants to make it very clear that neither the Local Government minister nor the Government itself, ever made discriminatory remarks towards Diaspora Gambians and other ethnic groups or Diaspora Africans as it is being falsely circulated on some networks and gossip columns.