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Gov’t urged to investigate allocation of plots at Kamalo

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By Omar Bah

Gambian tycoon and consul to Angola, Haji Jawara, has urged President Barrow and his government to investigate the allocation of plots of land to different business owners in Kamalo. The government reserve lands in the area were allocated to different business entities including Mr Jawara himself through his Gambisara White House Enterprise for the relocation of all his companies from Angola to The Gambia.

“I want to urge President Barrow and his government to investigate all the allocation done during Minister Musa Drammeh’s tenure at the ministry of lands. I have nothing against Mr Drammeh but I think it is not fair to allocate the majority of those 45 plots to foreigners,” he alleged.

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He alleged some foreign businesses were allocated three or four plots.

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“The saddest part of it is that some of them have no plans to develop it. In fact, some of them reallocated their plots for D10 million. So, I believe the government should not take these issues lightly,” he said.

Jawara said the government should investigate all the allocations under both Abba Sanyang and Musa Drammeh.

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“If we want to address the excesses in this country, we should start speaking out about the ills of some of these government employees. I have nothing against the president but the way and manner some government employees are operating is unacceptable,” he said.

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He encouraged the government to empower Gambian-owned businesses to boost the country’s local production.

“If a Gambian business owner wants something and a foreigner wants it, they will give it to the foreigner. I don’t know why that is the case but the government should do something about it,” he said.

Jawara argued that Gambian businesses allocated plots at Kamalo were allocated close to the sea.

“I spent a lot of money before I could start building there. My plan is to start the factory in three months,” he said.

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He said his container containing several machines meant for his factory are currently stranded at the ports because he could not get his special investment certificate from GIEPA. Jawara said the excessive delay has resulted in him paying extra D50,000 on demurrage.

Jawara, who spent 32 years in Angola, owns a multi-million dollar holding company called Samuja, a leading manufacturer of diapers, sanitary pads, kitchen towels, paper handkerchiefs, restaurant napkins, and facemasks in Angola.

The Samuja production line is powered by ten modern manufacturing machines which are now being packaged and shipped to The Gambia.

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