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By Omar Bah

Former Gambia Democratic Congress campaign manager, Modou MC Cham, has said KM Mayor Talib Bensouda played a crucial role in his decision to join the main opposition United Democratic Party.
MC Cham, who supported Talib Bensouda’s re-election bid, said the KM Mayor has been following him to join the UDP since the moment he announced his resignation from the GDC a few months ago.
“And now, following a thorough reflection and my experience with the party during the mayoral election, I have decided to join the party. I came to the conclusion after realising that the party stands for national interest and I also realised all the talk about it being tribal is unfounded. The UDP is the most democratic and open-minded party in this country,” MC Cham told The Standard yesterday.
He said the decision is also purely based on his belief that the UDP will better serve his political ideology, adding that the party has all the machinery and structure required to transform the country.
“I want to thank all my supporters and friends who assisted me in making a final decision on the matter. I urge all those who support my political ideology to join me in the UDP,” he said.
He also commended UDP leader Ousainu Darboe for personally welcoming him to the party.

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