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GPF lays down plans for next 5 years

By Aisha Tamba

The Gambia Police Force on Tuesday held the first validation strategic plan 2018 to 2023 at a local hotel in Senegambia.
The five-year strategic plan implemented by Think -Tank Team from the police force is aimed at advancing the national security in science and technology and maintenance of peace and stability.

Speaking at the gathering, the Minister of the interior Ebrima Mballow, said the government’s most important aspiration is to ensure the rule of law, protection of lives and properties and consolidation of national unity.
“Peace, security and stability are the foundation for investment and trade throughout the world. Despite the challenges in the maintenance of peace, security and stability, we should not be complacent about the enormous task that faces us.

“The document is developed in line with the NDP and program so as to ensure a stable and peaceful domestic environment while supporting international and regional initiatives for peace,” he noted.
“I have learnt with delight that the strategic plan includes issues that are important to the community and government. They are reflective of the basic foundation of which the Gambia police force is responsible such as protection and investigation of crime, maintenance of law and order, combating crimes and policing of the country’s roads traffic management.

“This plan has also prioritised the issues of community policing and the building of partnerships of all elements of society in the Gambia,” he added.
The Inspector General of Police Landing Kinteh said the police strategic plan is anchored on the need to provide strategic guidance for the enhancement of administrative and operational capabilities with a view to meeting the current and future challenges of the police.
“The output is envisaged to strengthen our planning, reduce operational cost and enhance quality of services,” he said.

“The effective and efficient functioning of any organisation is the ability to achieve the realisation of its set targets and goals which is provided by a strategic plan. The absence of a well defined strategic direction in any organisation leads to identity crisis a concept which means performing below average leading to waste of resources, conflict, low morale as well as loss of public confidence in the police,” he added.

The police commissioner Ebrima Bah acknowledged and applauded the presence of the IGP whose foresight and great ambition for the police strategic plan emanated from him.
“Hence the creation of a Think-Tank Group; who were tasked with the mandate to work on this project. They have since accomplished part of that task,” he noted.

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