Dankunku health center gets 24-hour solar


By Maimuna Sey Jawo

Dankunku Maribantang Development Association (DAMBA), and their village development committee in collaboration with UK philanthropist couple through Action Aid The Gambia has financed a 24-hour first phase of the solar electrification project of the Dankunku Health center.

According to the president of the association, Sulayman Mboge, this is the first phase of their project which is amounting to one hundred and seventy thousand dalasi and out of that amount the donors Jackie Drewetty and Bryan Drewetty of UK contributed sixty seven thousand dalasi through Action –Aid The Gambia to support the electrification of this rural project.
Mr. Mboge disclosed that during a visit to the Dankunku Health center by the donors and their counterpart Action- Aid The Gambia.


He said the intervention of the couple through Action –Aid The Gambia was very timely, as this health center lacks so many facilities ranging from water supply, to electricity in particular, which was a major concern to the community, especially the pregnant women .

He said there are still challenges the health center needs over five hundred thousand dalasi to fully equip it with enough installation of appliance that are needed at the health center.
Mr. Mboge thanked the donors through Action-Aid the Gambia, for their immense contribution which was no small measure to the development of the Dankunku Health center.

In his welcome remarks, the Chief of Dankunku Alh. Sulayman Keita was full of joy and appreciation to see 24 hours of electricity at Dankunku Health center. He thanked the donors through Action –Aid The Gambia for this intervention.

Giberiel Fatty, Chairperson of the health and environment committee of (DAMBA) spoke extensively about the stance of this association and the rationale behind forming the association and the plans that its members intend to embark on toward the development of Dankunku. He said DAMBA has been in existence for the past three years, and it is registered and non political with the aim to support the development of community of Dankunku.

For their part, the UK couple expressed joy about what they have seen on the ground at the Dankunku Heath center and has recognized the partnership and are willing to give more support to the health.
While at the end of the visit, the UK couple donated the health center with science books, novels and assortment of medicines and equipment.

Dr. Saikou Sanyang program manager Action –AID the Gambia Kudang office, also thanked the donors and the members of DAMBA while expressing delight on behalf of his country director to be associated with this partnership.