‘GPF will restore lost public confidence’


By Isatou Jawara

The Inspector General Police Landing Kinteh has said that security personnel are normally accused of perpetrating human rights violations but they will go to any extent to restore the confidence that the public lost in them.

He said the police interact with the public more than any other security institution and any violation fades that interaction.
“Since the advent of the third Republic, tireless efforts are being made to restore the lost public confidence in the police and the security in general. The senior management of the Gambia Police Force is in the lead on these efforts,” he said.


These words were read by Deputy Inspector General Mamud Jobe who represented the IGP at the opening ceremony of training of 90 senior police officers on Security Sector Reform.
The training was conducted by Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Center funded by the German Government with support from ECOWAS.

He said the senior management of the Gambia Police Force recognizes that to properly manage and maintain security during post election periods for all sundry requires continuous capacity building of all security particularly the police who are the image of the government.

He said this is why the management is continuously organizing trainings for its security personnel.
The Director Chief Supt of The German Police Roland Trevisan said the aim of the police security reform which is the key component of the state security architecture is to better prepare officers to effectively discharge its constitutional responsibilities in the most professional manner.

“The security reform course aims to identify current security threats, policies, practices and assumptions in dealing with such threats. It also indentifies gaps and initiates new workable approaches for a strengthened security sector,” he said.