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The guide to a sovereign republic

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To break nose and block breaths to suffocate, it is crestfallen to define a man without knowing his personal status. For in doing so, we shall be guilty of injustice and disrespect towards a righteous person like Halifa. Not forgetting to remind you that I am in response to those that called or refer to Halifa a triblist, in their knowledge, they define tribalist as someone who speaks his language only. This shows us how feeble minded many could be, for they are only good at destructing and tarnishing the images of high profile personnel. It is thus evident that, the underlying factors in all the allegations, enmities and grudges are due to the political differences. More humanely, man needs to be careful of words he utters against others, which psychologically makes a divine being.

Doing, if in the favour of the doer, could be the easiest but in every doing of a person should be rightful, well known or sure of. Many intend to allege without knowing it could lead to exterminating their future, if Halifa was a tribalist, can they tell us how and what makes Halifa a tribalist? I am certain that they will not give any convincing or factual answer for this question. If they have a reason for this, could be factual to them but man could be deceived by unguaranteed facts in thought of being confident but actually in most cases they do not prove to be beneficial. Rather in some cases they result in a dangerous effect on the habits and qualities on individuals as well as on the collective life and civilization of the nation.

Halifa if cannot be praised, thanked or eulogized should not be alleged in falsehood. Knowing how much he deserves in return, should automatically disqualify one from souring oath onto him. Now let us see whether these unfound words would cause more good than harm. If only they are honest to themselves and have justice for humanity, then they will be reasonable in their doings or acts. Based on my psychological point of view, I realize and have seen many in the path of doom. According to some of my followers, they told me “Halifa is intellectually honest and scrupulous at whatever things he does”.

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Some of whom are not even supporters of Halifa neither PDOIS but honest enough to say the truth. Amongst them, none of them ever told me any such as which is related to Halifa being tribalist. They are independent as they are sovereign citizens of the Gambia, which automatically qualifies and entitle them to their opinions but never heard from them that Halifa is tribalist. This actually is what tells the dishonest that all what they have said about Halifa is baseless. Knowing how bad it is, if one speaks diffident breeds about unnecessary clamour.

More precisely, to know that we need to speak through the guidance of our senses than our tongues prone and liable enough of committing lots of mistakes and disdains. Every human as a sentient being, should be mindful of the present and the future, knowing what you do today, can come in return tomorrow. “A man usque ad mare”.
We have to be careful, that for the bridge that ties our political affiliations should not elapse by the termites in bug shape. Halifa fastens many ties and resurrects many dead hopes. Such a noble deed on his part would indeed have deserved to be written for the following generations in letters of gold and silver if honesty overwhelms our minds.

Furthermore, it is important for us to utilize our human organs in developing our nation than grooming issues capable of causing political chaos. Politically, it is known that criticism and allegations are part of, for they are brought and raised where and when necessary. Following our own will of doing, just for the sake of alleging is totally off the range of politics. Considering the fact that we have gone too far to look back, would help enrich our minds in dealing with our internal affairs. If only giving fattens life, then hopes shall never die, for every hope would then have met its desire.

Just to look at our spoken words with care, would have made the best out of our humanity. We rather acquire personal consciousness than being selfish interest minded. This weakens ones faculty of thought and retards his career. As I am taking stance towards this, it is therefore, not to infer that opposing views should be silenced. However, if anyone has a genuine question or difficulty of understanding, let me know and let them either come in dialogue or dissension.
To be continued.

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