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Hamat hopeful of a reconciled Gambia

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By Mam Sait Ceesay The Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hamat NK Bah and senior leader of the Coalition Government has forecast a truly reconciled and more integrated Gambia, as evidenced by the birth of the joint transition team JTT last Tuesday. The JTT, brokered by the UN brought together cabinet members of the present and past governments to ensure a proper transfer of power. Speaking to The Standard on the sidelines of the inauguration of the JTT, Mr Bah said the very presence of members of the two sides is hearty enough and demonstrates the spirit of reconciliation of Gambians despite political differences. ”I think it is important that we realize that at the end of the day all what we have is Gambia and The Gambia is greater than all of us together. I think that on the basis of that spirit, President Barrow has always advocated for a peaceful transition and a transition that will demonstrate our unity, the peace that we have together,” Bah said. The Tourism Minister further said that with such a gathering many issues that affect the smooth running of the ministries would have been addressed, as a proper handing over would be done. “I think because of the fact that we didn’t have any handing-over notes most ministries are not yet fully kick started. If the handing over was properly done, it would not have been like this. You know our experiences vary in the fields we are. You can also accept that there may be short delays here and there. But I have no doubt that everything will be moving as quickly as possible,” he said. On whether the very nature of the coalition comprising different people with different ideologies may not prove problematic, Bah simply replied “our diversity is our strength and I have no doubt that we’ll deliver. Absolutely yes!”. Commenting on the much talked about appointment of the Vice President, Bah said the matter is being investigated and President Barrow will follow any necessary action inline wit constitution, which he swore to defend. “The Gambia government under President Barrow is not in any way going to violate the constitution. Once the investigations are concluded and given to him, he (President Barrow) would act in the best interest of his oath that he respects,” he said. Mr Bah would not be drawn on the proportion of cabinet ministers to the various parties saying he does not want to comment on that matter.]]>

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