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Kandeh: I will only go to the Stadium if…

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By Omar Bah The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Mamma Kandeh who attained national fame for coming an impressive third place in the memorable December 1 election has said though he believed that independence celebration is important, he would have thought twice before spending the kind of money reported to be used in the celebrations. “That kind money should be kept and put into some other projects where Gambians will benefit from, ”he said. On whether he would attend the celebrations Kandeh said he would but only when he is invited. “As we speak I am yet to receive any invitation from the Coalition government. All I can tell you is that I will only attend the independence celebration and President Barrow’s inauguration if I’m invited. If not I wouldn’t be there,” he said. However Kandeh said he will go to the Airport to welcome the foreign dignitaries. On his party’s future and performance in the presidential election, the GDC leader said he was expecting the party would have done better than it did in the election especially because of the different idea they offered from that of the APRC. ”However there was disinformation campaign against us , labeling us as stooges of the former President. That too contributed to our relatively poor performance by our own estimates. But I am glad that the Gambian people now understand us very well and those false allegations have been proven to be unfounded,” Kandeh said. The GDC leader said everyone now knows that the GDC is a principled, independent and genuine political party. ”If we are selfish or part of the APRC, we would have supported their illegal position to contest the election results. But we did not do that. We are honest and we know and defended the truth which is that the election was credible and transparent, ‘he said. On his take on comments that he should be given a position in the new government, the GDC leader said: “Well it is left to the Coalition government to decide, but all I know for now there is no signal that I will be given any position. But for me the position doesn’t matter, because if position matters to me I would have joined Jammeh in rejecting the election results” he added. He further disclosed that the GDC is here to stay. “We will also continue to offer our support to any initiative that concerns national development, but we will not also hesitate to criticise if we deem it necessary,” he concluded.]]>

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