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Hotel receptionist testifies in stadium murder case

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Receptionist Essa Touray of the Friendship Hostel on Tuesday testified in the murder trial involving Kumba Sinyan, who is accused of killing her boyfriend, Lamarana Jallow.

Touray testified as the third prosecution witness (PW3) before Justice Sidi Jobarteh. He said he is a resident of Bakau Sanchaba and has been been working at the hostel for five years.

He testified that Lamarana Jallow was a frequent visitor at the hostel, adding he knows him. He said Lamarana and Kumba used to visit the hostel.

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“How long has he been doing that (visiting the hostel)?” Counsel M. Sanyang asked.

“I can’t tell how long,” the witness answered.

On the day of the incident, Touray said he came to the hostel around 8pm for his duties. He said Lamarana came there between 8pm and 9pm and wanted to check in. He described late Lamarana as fair, slim and tall. He said Lamarana was ushered in at Room 111.

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“After giving him the room, after 20 minutes of his arrival, a lady came who wore black-black with a mask and black cap. She went directly to Room 111,” the witness said.

The witness said the lady was black skin and not that tall. “The one in the box is the same person that came to the hostel that very day,” the witness said.

He said the lady knocked at the door and this was when Lamarana opened the door for her.

“She was there until my shift was over that day,” the witness said.

The witness said when his shift was over, he handed over to his colleague with the information that people were in rooms 111 and 113.

Lawyer Sagarr Twum for Kumba Sinyan cross-examined the witness by second asking his duties. In reply, the witness said his functions include giving rooms to customers and serving as a focal point for customers making inquiries about the hotel. Also, he said visitors pass through them to meet guests in the rooms.

“Are you supposed to record everybody that comes in?” Lawyer S. Twum asked.

“If someone comes to visit a client for a short time, we do not record that person’s name, unless the person comes to book a room,” the witness answered.

He said Lamarana Jallow’s name was not recorded because he came for a short visit.

The case was adjourned to Thursday, 8th December for the continuation of hearing.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Twum also concluded her cross-examination of prosecution witness two, Pa Momodou Jeng who said Kumba told him that she killed her boyfriend.

The witness explained that Kumba is his friend, adding they both hailed from Fajara South.

“You said you were surprised when she told you she killed her boyfriend,” Lawyer S. Twum asked.

“No, I said I didn’t believe it. But in the morning, when my friend told me, I was surprised,” the witness answered.

“Did you know her to be violent individual?” Lawyer S. Twum asked.

“No, to be candid, because our compounds were a little bit far away from each other,” the witness answered

The witness said at the time of speaking to Kumba, she was furious.

“Did she give you the circumstances surrounding the death of the deceased?” Lawyer S. Twum asked

“No,” the witness answered.

“Did you know whether there was any altercation between the deceased and the accused?” Lawyer S. Twum asked.

“At some point, she mentioned that she was suspecting that the deceased was about to leave her,” the witness answered.

“You are not aware of any altercation between the two,” Lawyer S. Twum asked.

“No,” the witness answered. The witness was then discharged.

Source: Kexx News

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