Hydara family apologises to GACH’s Jawara


By Lamin Cham

A cousin germane of Saibou Maria Hydara, the France-based Gambian who recently warned GACH CEO and tycoon Abubacar Jawara against carrying out his threat to sue Momodou Sabally, has said Saibou’s comments have caused immense distress to his family here.

 Saibou had said he would help Momodou Sabally to defend himself against Jawara should the GACH boss go ahead to sue Sabally for linking his name with the recent drug seizure at the Banjul port.


Yesterday, Dembo Hydara, a cousin to Saibou, walked into the offices of The Standard to say his family has extended apologies to Mr Jawara for the tirade against him by Saibou. “My cousin has no justification to create malice between our family and Abubacar Jawara by his false claims. He does not know Mr Jawara at all. He should withdraw his statement against him. We have already reached out to Jawara and his family to apologise,” Dembo Hydara said.

He said Saibou’s comments “were unnecessary and not helpful especially because it would not help build unity among the Sarahule community”.