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‘I will not respond to detractors’

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By Tabora Bojang on tour

President Barrow has hit back at his critics, saying he will not respond to what he called “detractors” who want to derail his development strives.

Speaking at Fass on the first day of his meet the people tour, Barrow said he is focused on nation building and has no time to respond to ‘critics’ because they are afraid that by the time he completes his development priorities without distraction, no one of them can compete him.

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“Three years into my presidency, my government is already achieving what our predecessors (Jawara and Jammeh) could not achieve in 53 years.
“In 52 years, the two previous governments constructed 750 Km of road while in just three years we are already constructing about 400 Km of road,” Barrow added.

The president also announced the inauguration of a comprehensive infrastructural development project in the next four weeks to provide electricity and roads to villages along the Hakalang road in the lower and upper Nuimi settlements.

Meanwhile at the same meeting, President Adama Barrow cautioned district chiefs that they are the Government representatives in their various districts and must not allow ‘cynics in the name of democracy’ to divert them from his agenda.

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Addressing a large crowd of supporters in lower and upper Nuimi districts, Barrow accused his political opponents of hiding behind democracy to disseminate views aimed at misleading regional governors and chiefs not to participate in the affairs of the president.
He said the chiefs are working under the authority of the Government and that on top of their agenda should be the agenda of the country saying, “the agenda of the country is President Barrow.”

The Gambian leader added that since he assumed office the chiefs enjoy unprecedented improvements in salary increment, timely payment and overall conditions of their services.
“Yes, politicians will come and tell you that you are not part of politics and we agree but you are my partners in the administration of this country. If I give an order to the minister, it is channeled through the governor, chief and finally the alkalo. So under whose advice do you operate?” Barrow asked.

The President said his administration has embarked on several transitional measures aimed at cleansing the many wrongs of the past as well as advance the economic, political, and social facets of the country.

The president stated that although there is democracy and free speech that guarantees free politics, “the peace and the stability of the country will not be compromised.”

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