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‘ICT jobs among top 20 careers’

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Ansumana Sanneh urged young Gambians, especially girls, to consider careers in ICT and related fields. 

“The technology industry remains one of the world’s most robust sectors, creating strong ongoing demand for young tech professionals,” he said. 

Sanneh made these remarks recently at the Joint Officers’ Mess in Kotu, where students and ICT workers gathered to commemorate International Girls in ICT Day.

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The day is observed globally by International Telecommunications Union member states with a view to creating an environment that empowers and encourages girls and young ladies to consider careers in ICT.

Sanneh added: “ICT is an integral and accepted part of everyday life for many, and literacy in it will soon become a functional requirement for work, social and personal lives.

“Despite the foregoing, it is of concern to see the number of schoolgirls opting to study technology-related disciplines on the decline in most countries worldwide

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“The government under President Jammeh has since recognised this deficiency and has pledged true commitment to this effect in terms of policy, financial and personal drive to see to it that there are no ceilings when it comes to education in general and ICT in particular.”

Also speaking, Aisha Saho from the Internet Society-Gambia chapter underscored the importance of the event, expressing conviction that with it, girls would embrace ICT. 

She added: “Last year we had about 200 participants from different schools and we had logo competitions. Many of these girls upon finishing high don’t even know what to choose. This is one medium where they can come and learn and know the importance of ICT. Considering the fact ICT is not just limited to computer typing or quoting, we believe that this initiative will really help the girl to choose their career path in future.”

Also present at the event was the winner of last year ICT logo competition and a student of the School of ICT, University of The Gambia, Amie Njie. She said ICT provides girls education, job training, promotes literacy and improves access to healthcare.

She told the organisers: “You are doing a wonderful job, inspiring and encouraging girls to consider a future in technology. A writer used to say ‘investing in women has a multiplier effect because women reinvest in their families and communities’.”


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