Public sounds opinion on new dalasi notes


An internet operator in Kanifing exclusively told The Standard that he supports the introduction of the new D200 and D20 notes as it would minimise the burden of carrying a huge amount of cash at a time.

He said” “The new notes are sizeable, secured and have quality compared with the previous notes and I definitely support it. However, we do encounter problems in terms of change during the process of buying and selling of goods especially in term of fares when travelling which may cause problems between drivers and passengers.” 

Other people who also shared similar views said the government did it in the interest of its citizens noting that the president has a good intention for the country and its citizens and whatever he does is in the interest of the citizens.


However, one speaker commented: “Let me tell you, in any decision you are to make it has to be based on reason but I do not know the motive behind the change and introduction of the notes. So I think I would be in better position to elaborate more and make my proper evaluation but since that is not the case, I cannot elaborate more on the issue but I believe that if it is just for mere change and introductions then I don’t support it at all.”