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In praise of BAC Chairman Yankuba Darboe

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Dear Editor,

Yankuba Darboe is the most intelligent elected senior UDP politician in The Gambia. The Brikama Area Council, the governor and President Barrow will find Yanks a different game all together. That’s the difference having capacity brings to the table. Yankuba Darboe does have the basic capacity required to hold senior public office.

The local government ministry officials at the Brikama Area Council, the regional governor and the president will find out that Yankuba Darboe is different from the other sloppy politicians they deal with.

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Yanks seemed to understand the powers vested in him by the fact of being the elected chairman of Brikama Area Council. That he’s the political head of the administrative division of Brikama regardless what some colonial constitution says; that the governor appointed by President Barrow nor the CEO of the council appointed by the local government ministry are not his boss.

Yankuba Darboe is the real CEO of Brikama Area Council. He was elected by the people of the West Coast Region to lead their local government area council.

What’s the point of the office of the governor in Brikama and the other local government administrative areas?

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Why is the UDP not promising to scrap the office of divisional governors in The Gambia? And why won’t the UDP promise to introduce a parliamentary democracy in The Gambia.

Having the capacity to hold a senior public office breeds confidence: you know what you are doing and how to do things.

Yankuba Darboe is the most intelligent elected UDP politician in The Gambia.

The UDP as the main opposition party in The Gambia would be greatly enabled and empowered were the party led by a more competent and capable politician.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang

Scotland, UK

Re: Group threatens to protest in July even without permit

Dear Editor

It’s very important to know your right and always try to defend it by all means. As some may see, this women’s group know and love the country. All Gambians must strive and hold our government accountable because government officials are public servants who work for us and when they fail to deliver, we must hold them by the throat and tell them that they are not doing good. Bravo to the group and I wish them a peaceful procession.

Ramos Jatta

Bronx New York

Re: Auditors uncover massive deficiencies at Nawec

Dear Editor

It’s high time that government separate the Water division from the Electricity division at Nawec. These two divisions should operate as parallel services that are independently controlled. In addition, there should be a division within the water department and a separate unit should be dedicated only to fixing leaks and broken pipes. They should equip their water installation teams with modern mechanical equipment for digging pits, trenches and waterways. Those spades, pickaxes and machetes that they are currently using are so outdated and labour intensiv. That is why after erosion the pipes are always exposed hence the leaks on every street corner.

G Gassama

New York City

Dear Editor,

Tell me which government parastatal the auditors have not uncovered massive deficiencies? We expect the president to act but what did he tell us? Audit reports are just mere opinions! That is why most government officials have the chagrin to continue with their thievery and harm the country and its citizens.

Essa Jobarteh


Re: Government to renew drivers licenses every 5 years

Dear Editor,

Safety & Victims Advocacy wishes to make known how such a move is wrong and  dangerous to our every day needs of traveling and use of our roads even though it brings comfort to drivers. We support the annual renewal of driver’s licences instead of every five years because it will allow for the periodic screening of the health of the applying drivers. Within a short period of either a month, two or three a competent and qualified driver can develop a gradual loss of his vision  thereby making him or her not qualified to drive a vehicle. Within a period of one or two years a competent and qualified driver may lose either a foot or hand thereby making him or her not qualified to drive a vehicle. 

Within a span of period any competent and qualified driver can lose his or her mental health thereby disqualifying him or her from driving. How will the authorities ensure these checks if driver’s licences have a five year validity period.

Why would the Ministry for the Interior come up with such a bad and dangerous decision just because it want to satisfy a section of the society and put the rest at risk. The ministry is hereby urged to do the right thing and ignore people who want everything they see happening somewhere else to be copied here.

Safety & Victims Advocacy Group


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