In praise of DLEAG


The daring dawn raid and successful discovery of a bunker and capture of a suspected drug baron deep inside the bush by the Drug Law Enforcement Agency Gambia, DLEAG, was not only amazing but an adventure per excellence.


The very thought of laying ambush in a thick bush dead in the night unarmed is scary and dangerous to the core. Yet the patriotic drug agents used their professional training to trap the suspected traffickers on the act in their most hidden sanctuary to break up what could potentially become a gang of untouchable jungle drug lords. The sight of dedicated men and women sneaking into an unknown bush unarmed in pursuit of criminals is heart-warming.



As a living witness to this intriguing adventure by our drug agents, we wish to lead the call for government to pay greater attention to the work and welfare of these gallant sons and daughters whose daily work exposes them to dangers and sometimes hatred from the sympathizers and accomplices.


What is in fact mindboggling is how on earth such a hazardous and dangerous occupation in the service of the nation can be left without any form of protection. Who needs reminding that drug users let alone traffickers are prone to violence? Do we have to wait until we have collateral damage among our drug enforcement police to arm them? God forbid. In our view, if there is any unit of our security forces who needs to be well-equipped and provided with adequate means to protect themselves, that is DLEAG. Bravo DG Gassama and staff. You earn our respect!