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Interior urges 3 Years Jotna to respect IGP’s directive

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Press release

Following the decision of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to withhold the issuance of peaceful protest permit to “Operation Three (3) Years Jotna”, the ministry of interior as parent ministry hereby affirms the IGP’s position accordingly.

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This is based on serious security complex against public order and safety concerns.
As this is vested in the ministry’s responsibility for the maintenance of the law and order to ensure internal security. We urge both the leadership and entire membership of “Operation Three (3) Years Jotna” to fully comply with the IGP’s decision as it stands to pursue its constitutional mandates to maintain the peace and prevent violence, and in extension to protect public lives and properties.

In fulfilment of its obligation to cater to citizens constitutional rights to assembly and association, the Gambia government through the of the IGP has been so accommodating in allowing both “Three (3) Years Jotna” and “Gambia for Five (5) Years to peacefully protest before the glare of global television stations.

Therefore, a violation of the position of the IGP by any person (s) shall be demand as a flagrant violation of both the constitution and the public Order Act, and a direct affront to the peace, security and public safety as well as the Economic well-being of the Gambia and its people.

The ministry would advise persons aggrieved by the decision of the Inspector General of Police pursue the matter with the Gambian law courts for redress.

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