Introducing (Aja Dr Isatou Njie-Saidy)


She is a role model and a mentor to many people for standing firm for Gambian women in all facets for justice, empowerment, equality and consideration of women in the development process of the country. She possesses excellent qualities in different areas such as health, women affairs, business and teaching.




The 63-year-old Kuntaya born is the longest serving vice president in the world. She has been the vice president of The Gambia, as well as Minister of Women’s Affairs, since 1997; she is the first Gambian woman to hold the position of Vice President and one of the first women in West African politics to reach such a senior position.


Educational background:

A graduate from Armitage High School in 1970, She also holds a Master of Science in Economics (Social and Economic Development) from University of Swansea, certificate in small-scale Industrial Information Management (SINFOMAN) from University of the Philippines, Institute for Small-Scale Industries and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management at the Research Institute for Management Science, RVB, Delft in Netherlands.



She held different senior positions as a very hard-working, dedicated, promising and determined woman, from 1983 to 1989 as the deputy executive secretary of the Women’s Bureau, the executive decision-making body of the National Women’s Council and later, under the dynamic leadership of President Yahya Jammeh, she became Minister of Health, Social Welfare and Women’s Affairs in 1996, and then vice president and Minister for Health, Social Welfare and Women’s Affairs in 1997.



Her hobbies are reading, watching documentaries and historical films as well as meeting people and travelling. She is also fluent in different languages. She is married and blessed with four children


Words by Sise Sawaneh