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Introducing (Andrew Gibba)

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I am 19 years of age, a final year student at St Peter’s Senior Secondary School, youth activist and a radio presenter at Paradise FM radio. The radio programme which is aired every Saturday from 2 to 4pm talks about things that affect young people and also national events that concern young people such as Nayconf. I believe it is necessary to bring a change and a change that will provide all children and youth organisations the platform to discuss issues affecting them and the solution to solve them. If we are called the cream of the society and future leaders of tomorrow then our voices must be heard to advance addressing issues that affect us.

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I have just been appointed ‘A World at School Global Youth Ambassador – The Gambia’ to bring attention to the 57 million children around the world currently denied their human rights to education. I am joined in this call to action by other young advocates for global education. I look up to the proprietor of Paradise FM, Harona Drammeh as my mentor for believing in the powers and dream of young people by creating a platform on his radio for the youth and children to discuss with the public.


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