Introducing (Demba Dem Loum)


He is 19 years of age, a final year student at SOS Senior Secondary School, and a resident of the bourgeoisie neighbourhood of Brusubi. Demba Dem Loum, aka ‘Chanta Loum’ and his group Young Rap Kings recorded at least three songs before he decided to go solo. 


Which musician inspired you into rap?


Yes, choosing rap music was due to the inspiration from T Smalls Suso. Tam 50 and Gee have really inspired me too. 


Why do you choose to rap Wolof?

It is a dialect our generation prefers, feels and admires. We are having afro manding, rap mballax, hip hop and other music genres, but I prefer to do rap in Wollof.


How many songs have you sung?

I have so far produced three songs in collaboration with my colleagues in the Young Rap Kings group. We have Getting Started; Hater’s Waguan and Taking Over.


How do you cope with music and school?

It was not easy when I just started. I faced some challenges because these are two different things. But later on, I decided to concentrate on my education. Music is never late. Education needs maximum concentration. 


How did you parents react to your music?

(Smiles) I was in Grade 11 when my parents came to know that I was into music. They gave me all the required support and guidance to continue. But currently, I am asked to pause until after my Grade 12 exams. Insha Allah I will abide by their advice. 


What have you achieved so far in music?

Hmmm! There is no much. My songs are played on air, which I believe is a step forward. 


How do people respond to your music?

Ooohh! My music is well appreciated by many people, especially my fellow students and friends. Whenever I go to public places, they give me thumbs up; to keep the good work which serves as a motivation to me.


What do you think should be done to create better environment for upcoming musicians?

The promotion is lacking. Whenever there are big shows, like Open Mic and others, they call upon the big artistes to perform. It has been a routine affair. So, I urge them to consider the young upcoming artistes by giving us much attention. We can do it bigger and better, if we are given the chance. 


What else are you interested in? 

I love management and I wish to study it after school at MDI. 

By Sise Sawaneh