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Introducing (Sirra Chorr)

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She is only 19 but very ambitious. Her dream is to be the best and most famous TV journalist in Africa and the world at large. Sirra Chorr went to Serekunda Primary, Latrikunda Upper and Kotu Senior School.

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“I also went to Filton College of Management and Standard Business Administration. I have worked as a marketing agent at Capital Express Assurance and assistant secretary at Dabani Electrical Enterprise. I am currently doing an internship at Afri-radio and The Standard newspaper.”

How is that working?

Of course there are challenges. I have issues but I am determined and willing to achieve my goals at any level. I want to be the best Africa has ever seen in the art of writing and presenting.

Do you have a philosophy?

Believe in your capabilities. Let advice guide, not deviate you from your career.

Did that ever happen to you?

Yes! I wanted to do journalism long ago but because of some counseling I listened to, I could not then.


Not pursuing journalism from the start.

Happiest moment?

That is now, now that I am in the field of writing.

Your love life?

I do not want to disclose that. It is none of your business. 

What do you desire most?

Loving and caring husband. 


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