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Introducing (Tairu S Jallow)

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“I am over 7.7 feet tall, a resident of Kanifing Layout and a graduate of Archdeacon Senior Secondary School. Upon completion I proceeded to the Gambia Technical Training Institute to study mechanic engineering and I am in my second level in diploma.”

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Apart from school, what do you engage in?

I have been playing basketball since 2009 because of the courage and advice given to me by my grandmother (RIP) and my mother. This is all because of my height and that I can make it in life if I put more commitment in basketball. I had to stop playing because of my doctor’s advice on my injuries.


Do you face any challenges with your height?

Hmmm! Sometimes I feel shy but for real, I am proud of myself because wherever I go, I am called by many people to take photo shots with them, surrounded by lots of people and at times some come closer to me to compare their heights to mine.


How do you feel becoming Gambia’s tallest?

Shhh! Yes I am The Gambia’s tallest at the moment and that is what God destines. I have not regretted of my height because we are all meant to appreciate how we are created by Almighty Allah.


Any achievements?

At the moment I can say NO, but I am always aiming high to see the future becomes bright for me. I want to become a mechanic engineer because it is one of the best jobs that one will never understand unless experienced.


How do you associate with others around you?

I am always down to earth and friendly to people because of my height. If I am to be harsh, it will not show a good image of me hence many will be scared to associate themselves with me. I thank Allah for making me this tall and I shall always be grateful to him. I still have the passion to play basketball but I can’t go beyond my doctor’s advice. If I have the funds, I will go for treatment and I will surely play basketball again because I have all the qualities.


Finally what do you want to share with the readers of The Standard?

I am a keen follower of The Standard newspaper especially the sports stories and the national news articles. I can boldly say that with time it will be the best paper because of the interesting and relevant information they disseminate to the people.

Words by Sise Sawaneh


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