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Israel at it again!


The abduction and eventual killing of three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found near Hebron in the Palestinian territory has unleashed a nationalistic fervor within Israel leading to the current violence. More than 30 people have been reported dead with 150 wounded.


The Zionist aspiration to totally dominate the land of Palestine has been a driving force in the constant brutalisation. The forced exile from their land has left millions of Palestinians as refugees around the world. The Palestinians are constantly living in a state of terror.


That’s why there is a need for a concerted effort to fight against the aggression of the Israeli state. The   Israel/Palestine issue like many mistakenly regard it, is not an Islamic or Jewish problem. It is about oppression of an innocent people. The tragedy of the Palestinian people is a scar on the conscience of every sound and sane human being. Israel has gone against resolutions upon resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and continued their genocide against innocent people.


Lest we forget, in 2012, the Israelis bombarded Gaza leaving hundreds dead and thousands homeless.  So what’s happening now is nothing new. Although we cannot absolve the Palestinians of all crimes, it’s without doubt that the majority of crimes are perpetrated by the occupier Israelis. And all the while the United States is continues to side with them. The White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the other day: “We strongly condemn the continuing rocket fire inside of Israel and the deliberate targeting of civilians by terrorist organisations in Gaza.” So what about the rockets from Israel?


But while we pontificate in these pages and take sides, the reality is, the Palestinians and the Israelis are condemned to live side by side forever. Israel is not going to relocate to an enclave in Uganda. So the only thing that can stop this madness is for the two countries and the two peoples to sit down, talk and reach a definitive compromise so that peace could reign. But we agree, this is way easier said than done. For more than half a century, there have been attempts to do that. However, intractable it may seem, there is just no other option. To jaw-jaw is better than to war-war is the eternal truth.


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