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Jaliba warns against Covid-19 denial

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By Momodou Justice Darboe

Kora king Jaliba Kuyateh has warned that there is no room for denial in the battle against Covid-19.
Speaking to The Standard at his residence, Jaliba also warned that a conspiracy theory that the authorities are garnering financial resources through the use of Covid-19 as a launch-pad may complicate national efforts in controlling the spread of the virus.

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“It’s unfortunate to hear people say this [Covid-19] is a conspiracy and that it is not real. Some people are saying it’s politics because government is using the outbreak to solicit funds. But it [Covid-19] is real and it is affecting the world,” Jaliba, who was speaking in an interview with The Standard, stated.

According to the kora legend, The Gambia is particularly at risk of the Covid-19 outbreak because, in his words, the country’s borders are porous.
“We cannot dismiss the fact that Covid-19 is a threat to The Gambia because people freely enter the country without using recognized entry points. Also, this pandemic has caused fear and panic across the world so, let us intensify the battle against it,” he added.

The multiple award-winning kora ambassador has already released a Covid-19 message on promoting prevention measures. In it, Jaliba highlighted the weak nature of the country’s health-care system, the need for the observance of social-distancing rules and how the pandemic has overwhelmed even the most powerful nations of the world.

He added: “Sometimes, you’ll come across people querying government’s instructions on social distancing rules. It has become a cause for concern. I’ve composed a song on the issue and the message is that we have weak healthcare system and we’re less powerful. May God protect us from the virus because it has overwhelmed even powerful nations let alone a poor nation like The Gambia. So, I say let us observe the guidelines given for protection. Let us also reinforce our efforts with prayers because in situations like this whenever we supplicate, Allah always intercedes.”

Meanwhile, the famous Gambian kora king has also taken the fight against Covid-19 to yet another level of intensity. As part of his contribution towards the global Covid-19 blitz, he has provided buckets with tap heads and installed them in some strategic areas of the bustling town of Brikama.

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