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By Omar Bah

Exiled former president Yahya Jammeh has sworn three times by God that he will return to The Gambia very soon and rule it again.

Addressing a meeting in Diabugu, Upper River Division through a telephone from his base in Equatorial Guinea, Jammeh swore that his return is inevitable and the West will not be able to do anything about it.

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“God is just helping me to identify the genuine Gambians for me so that when I return, I will govern again smoothly. I have seen people who were telling me all sorts of things to please me, but today they have changed but I want to tell all of you that nobody sent me out of The Gambia. It was time for me to leave so that God would identify the genuine and bad people for me,” he said.

Jammeh said whether people or the jinn like it or not, he will return to The Gambia.

“There is nothing that would stop it. I don’t swear just for the sake of swearing. All those who are saying Jammeh will never come back to The Gambia should be prepared to stop me from entering the country,” he chastised.

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Jammeh said when he rules the country again, he will only work with people who stood by him when he was away and that jobs will be given only to people who stood by him.

“If you are not with me today, don’t come and say all of us were here. The person who stood up for me and heard all the insults is my relative. There are two camps, the first one is Iblis’s camp and the second one is God’s camp which is my APRC camp. We don’t worship Satan. We worship only God. If you are part of the Iblis camp, don’t even think you will work for me when I come back. Only truthful people, religious people, and people who stood for me when I was not in the country will work with me,” he added.

Jammeh added: “URR and the entire Gambia, listen to me very carefully. Yesterday I worked for you without looking in the eyes of anyone, without looking at where people belong. I didn’t look at tribes or religions. I was working for the entire country. I told you if the opposition come to power, the people in The Gambia will suffer, religions will retrogress and that’s what happened.”

He said he made a lot of promises in URR before he left and swore that he will fulfil them.

“It is like we started cooking but we didn’t finish the cooking. When I come back, I will finish the cooking and everyone will get their fair share. During my presidency, I worked for the Gambian people without looking at anybody’s tribe or religion. But whosoever is not in my camp, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Jola or not, I will not consider you,” Jammeh concluded.

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