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ByOmar Bah

Last night, reports emerged that Omar Sey, a minister under the Jammeh administration has been appointed foreign secretary in the opposition GDC party.
But the former Health minister has refuted the story and told The Standard last night that he has not joined the GDC or any other party for that matter.
He forwarded to us a posting by Gambian US-based blogger Essa Bokarr Sy in which he detailed what transpired:


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“…I can stand tall and say that I never lobbied for or entertained the idea of taking up any political position. I am building my professional career, not a political career. I am a technocrat and a professional who has competence, ethics and compliance as my quick reference guides.
“Before the meeting [with Mamma Kandeh and others at Baobab Hotel], I was busy preparing for an interview for the Harvard Minister’s Leadership Programme. I was called at 11:30PM by GDC. I was told the party leader wanted to see me. Therefore in the spirit of national development, I am always ready to answer to any call where my advice is needed.”


He said he was asked to report to the party leader’s office at 4PM the following day and when he went there, he informed the party committee or members present at the venue together with its leader Kandeh that he was waiting for an important international telephone call and had only 15 minutes before leaving. Sey said he suggested to the party leader to reschedule a meeting the next day to hear him out and advise on anything, or to be more precise, health-related projects, if needed.

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But Sey said to his dismay and surprise before he stepped out of the meeting room, it was announced that himself and others were identified to occupy positions in the party. He said he thought it was just a suggestion or a passing commentary by people who were excited to see him at the venue and said he intended to call the party leader, out of respect, when he reached home, and turn the “offer” down as he did not want to disgrace Kandeh by rejecting the proposal in public.


But before he could call Mr Kandeh to turn down the offer, he said his wife in the United Kingdom told him she saw his picture and name online with a report stating that he was now part of the GDC.
Mr Sey said he was shocked by the reports and wanted to disassociate himself with the statement linking him to the GDC.


The author of the article, Samba Jallow, said to be a GDC surrogate based abroad, said Mr Sey together with Pa Njie ‘Girigara’, former permanent secretary Mambanyick Njie, former CRR governor Ganyie Touray, former LRR governor Salifu Puye and former soldier Lamin Gano have been appointed into the newly-restructured party executive.


But the public relations officer of the GDC, Mamadou Jallow, told this newspaper last night the party is not aware of the reported developments.
He said discussions are ongoing to restructure the party but that no conclusions have been reached with regard to appointments.

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