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Should Jokor be comfort or discomfort to Brikama?

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Dear editor,

Jokor should only be comfort not a discomfort to the community of Brikama. Both of these Jokor is serving both. They have to realise that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. So the musical service they are rendering cannot be comfort for everybody.

Even if others may enjoy it, the open way and time in which its services cannot be enjoyable by all or many. Therefore they should measure it to cover only those who go for it and to reach on to those who do not need it. But why are they seriously engaging on this illegal act?

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They are doing it deliberately capitalising on the culture of painful silence of the Gambian people to satisfy their selfish interest. I know they have the right and freedom to operate but they don’t have any legal right and freedom to disturb, even it is one out of the lot.

This deliberate act of Joko is enough and intolerable. Let them know that the level of civilisation and technological advancement cannot tolerate this anymore, those of us who feel or realise it much, know it better. And on behalf of the others, we are going to make sure this manner of Jokor to stop in Brikama through formal procedures.
Jokor, don’t you know that comfort is not a mere necessity but a basic one for healthy life and happiness. If you know that, then why are you interrupting and at such precious times?

One of this special times is night; a special time for rest and sleep after our tedious daily routines. People also use this special night to conductively serve their God. So Jokor who are you to disturb that place?

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Second of these special times is weekends; which is humanly or politically designed as a necessity for workers to relax. This the very time this Joko will use to interrupt with their this open musical show to disturb others.

Thirdly, the patients at Brikama health centre. These sick people, who need night much in term of rest and sleep in order to slow down their pain, cannot be achieved due to Jokor’s disturbance.

Is this not enough to warrant the stop of Jokor’s operational system? Yes it is more than enough at any human terrain ground. So enough is enough, let them use their right with legal responsibilities. If not they will be summoned for it.

Finally, I am calling on government to assign authorities that will look into the maintenance of people’s peace and comfort at all times.

It is an area that is seriously polluted in this country, nobody cares about others’ comfort. If you complain they say “are you the only one affected” “How many elders are there, spiritual and religious leaders”. These are some of the answers the community and some ignorant police officers gave. So government’s serious involvement in this issue is very paramount.

Wandifa Samateh
Brikama Misira

The rains are almost here

Dear editor,

The rainy season is almost around the corner and the preparation has to begin now. We all know that Agriculture is the backbone of the country and should be given due priority.
It is clear that it was only a rhetoric during the term of the previous regime. We hope that it won’t be business as usual.

A few weeks ago, one might have argued that the ministers were busy garnering votes for the National Assembly Election and perhaps that was why they were not concentrating on their ministerial work.

Now though, the National Assembly Election is over and they should turn their attention to the work they are appointed to do. What is the minister of Agriculture doing? In about a month or so, we will enter into the rainy season and farmers have to start preparing for the planting season.

The best way to help farmers today is to provide them with seeds and fertilizer.
Giving the farmers reassurance now about the provision of seeds and fertilizer would boost their morale and increase their chances of having a bumper harvest.

The minister of Agriculture should engage the relevant stakeholders so as to map out a way to help farmers increase their yield. The mechanisation of Agriculture should be accelerated so that we will have enough food.

Once we have enough food, the prices of basic commodities will reduce and our people will have better lives.
One important thing we would like to see is the opening of communication channels between the government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Gambian farmers. Communication is of vital importance as information is power.

The expectations are high and to meet these, agriculture has to be given priority.

Musa Bah
Nusrat SSS

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