Kachikally gets to work on drainage


A handful of young people in that community have taken the initiative to give a new life to the dilapidated drainage.

“We have bought construction materials with help from few prominent people in Bakau and brought in youths who are offering voluntary services,” said Babucarr Jallow, one of the initiators of the exercise. 

“We aimed to have a clean environment and a clean water drainage system. We have had so many failed promises from so many people. We’ve now taken the initiative to do it by ourselves since we are the people affected.


“We have consulted with and met the NEA [National Environment Agency] and the KMC and some prominent people of Bakau on this. But we have gone ahead to start the financing from our own pocket.”

Jallow went on to laud the individual contribution of politician Ousman Rambo Jatta, donated 100 blocks and two bags of cement and some detergents. He called on other natives of Bakau to emulate Mr Jatta. 

“Since the government cannot do everything and we are the ones affected by these things, we should take the initiative and clean our environment,” he added.