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Karang Taa not happy with politicians after demise of Caliph Ibrahim Sillah

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Press release

Karang Taa Karang wishes to express its total dismay at the way Gambian politicians treated the demise of the Khalifah General of the Sillah family.

It is common knowledge that the Sillahs have served as Islamic teachers in this country for centuries.

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In addition to that, they have rendered clerical service to countless number of people in the Gambia and beyond. The spiritual leader of such a family is expected to be treated with respect dead or alive.

The analogies of such people in neighbouring countries are revered to the extent that even their scribes and spokespersons enjoy a great deal of respect from both politicians and non-politicians alike.

Their deaths are treated with great respect by all and sundry.
In the Gambia we see a completely different situation. Most people show them respect only in times of need and that explains why their deaths are treated with somewhat profane. This is demonstrated recently in the way our politicians treated the demise of Alhaji Ibrahim Sillah of Sankulay Kunda.

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Since his passing, not a single political party or political leader has deemed it important enough to condole with the Sillahs in this somber moment or even use social media to express their sorrow at the loss.

We know it would be difficult for high profile people to travel from one part of the country to another due covid-19 restriction measures, but using different media platforms will cost them nothing.

Karang Taa Karang wishes to remind all politicians of the roles of Spiritual leaders in society and call on all of them to apologize to the Sillah family. Failure to do so will constitute gross profanation on their part.

Alhagie Morro Sillah

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