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Karmic Angels donate medical items

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The donated items included a wheelchair, a commode wheelchair, blood monitor, blood pressure bands, tubes, vaginal inspection apparatus, breathing apparatus, ear syringe machine and medicines said to be valued at D260,000.

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A nurse at the clinic stated: “These items will tremendously help the maternity unit. The wheelchairs will assist in moving the pregnant women. We thank Karmic Angels for their continued support, without which we would have many constraints. Thanks to your donations, we are able to improve the health of the people of Farato, Busumbala and the surrounding areas. Just yesterday, the nebuliser that you donated was used on a patient encountering breathing problems. Now he is fine.” 

Stephanie Turner, the founding director of the charity said: “We will continue to support Farato every year we come to The Gambia and because of our support the clinic and the maternity unit have many more items use for the general health of the people. Ming Daw Clinic is our main supported clinic and we will continue to sponsor them. Thank you to Ostomy Lifestyle and all our supporters for your continued support”.

In a related development, Karmic Angels, made further donations to Serekunda Hospital and Serekunda Health Clinic. This was the first time Serekunda Hospital has benefited from Karmic Angels. Included in the donations was a nebuliser, colostomy materials including tubes, adhesives and bags, vaginal apparatus, medications and baby clothing for the new-born children in their maternity unit. The value of these items was in excess of D230,000.

Karmic Angels members visited the maternity unit to talk with the mothers about their babies and give them some baby clothes kindly donated by the members of Daulby Street Spiritualists Church in Liverpool, UK. “We loved it” said Stephanie, “It was good to help some of the mothers”.

Serekunda Health Clinic also benefited from donations of colostomy equipment and vaginal apparatus to the value of D120,000. This is the third time the charity has helped the clinic.


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