Kudos to AG Tambadou and the Justice Ministry

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The Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Mr Abubacarr Tambadou held a press conference in his office on Tuesday where he informed reporters of various projects on which his ministry is engaged.

During the presser, he informed reporters that his ministry has reviewed the report of the Faraba Commission and has advised the president on what actions should be taken. He revealed that the murder charge preferred against the PIU officers has now been downgraded to manslaughter.

Tambadou also spoke of the fact that witnesses who appear before the TRRC and lie outrageously will be arrested and prosecuted as we have already seen with JCB Mendy and Lamin Senghore (Assasin). He said that the work the TRRC is doing is geared towards having a record of events which took place in the past so that we can avoid a repeat of those violations.

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Tambadou reiterated his call for witnesses to come forward and speak truthfully about events that took place in the last 22 years and potentially benefit from an amnesty. If they however choose to lie then they will face the consequences.

The holding of periodic press conferences by the Justice Ministry is indeed commendable as it brings the ministry closer to the people and boost their confidence in the work that it is doing.

The main function of the transitional government – of which Mr Tambadou is a key member – is to reform institutions and prepare a level playing field for the subsequent governments. In order to attain that, the government and its institutions need the understanding and support of the public.

Therefore, it is very commendable that since coming into office, the Justice minister has been holding and informing Gambians of government’s actions and intentions. This is very commendable and we urge all other government ministries, departments and agencies to follow suit.

At the end of the day, an informed populace is an educated populace wont to make informed choices when the moment for reckoning comes, as it does in a democratic society like the one we are nurturing in The Gambia.

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