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Lawyer Ebrima Jah, will face a single charge of official corruption before the high court judge, Justice Emmanuel Amadi of the special criminal division.

According to the indictments, in March 2014 whilst serving as counsel for the plaintiff in a suit involving Multi Steel Company against Omar Jasseh, the lawyer offered Justice Awa Bah the sum of US$100,000 equlivant to D4,000,000 in a bid to influence her to decide the case in his favour.

But when the case was mentioned in court yesterday, the accused was not in court and was not represented by a lawyer.

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State prosecutor, Ms Aminchi Adeymi told the court that the accused was released on police bail. She however said she was not sure if the accused was served with a notice of hearing. This prompted the judge to adjourn the case to June 23. He said the accused should be served notice of hearing before the next sitting.


By Binta Bah


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