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Lawyer slams Imam Leigh over gay rights remarks

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Ibrahim Jallow of Guardian Law Chambers has labelled Imam Baba Leigh and the National Human Rights Commission as “satanic agents” for calling on government to defend gay rights.

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He said the laws of The Gambia, the culture and religions, do not accept or tolerate “menstruating men and ejaculating women” to practice their lifestyles in The Gambia.
He said by calling on government to defend the rights of gays in the country, the commission “abdicated and deviated from [its] primary task, duties and responsibilities. The Commission for obvious reasons deliberately ignored and disregarded the majority of Gambians’ opinions, their cultural and religious rights and emotions on the issue…”

He said when homosexuality became fashionable in the West, they started threatening non-Western nations to allow its practice. “The Western powers attacked the weakest nations such as The Gambia. I always ask myself – what exactly feeds this trend? Could God make something unlawful and yet force the same thing on His creatures? Could God be the author of confusion? This seems to be the argument proffered by Imam Baba Leigh of the Human Rights Commission, an arguably learned man in Islam. But he got it wrong. It is obvious that in Islam, homosexuality is an abomination and one of the most hateful crimes…”

Lawyer Jallow said he pitied humans “who have chosen the path of indignity”. “Once a society, like the West, reaches the consensus that the abnormal is the new-normal, immorality becomes civil rights. The burden of tolerance is shifted to the larger society, and those who abhor homosexual practices are declaimed as being primeval and antediluvian.”

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