Letter to the president: we need Christians in the parliament


Dear Mr President,

Allow me to deviate from my headline for a while.

If virtue be no delight, Mr President (I challenge you, and any reader) not to misinterpret the gentle and frank purpose of this open article. Indeed, if not for the imperfection of human I won’t have penned down this letter.


Mr. President, It beholds me as a citizen to conclusively describe you as ”an inexperience leader, administering a country desperately in need of leadership after 22 years of traumatic dictatorial rule, and whose main ‘aiders’ are selfishly divided over their future political ambitions against the interest of the nation” yet we trust you! We hope you won’t let us and yourself down. However, if you make any assumption of ruling a united country, you are getting it totally wrong! The Gambia is currently internally divided and as lateness competes with time priotized the unification of our country before the deviations surface when you and no other Gambian would be able to solve it. Take the lead now, your actions are better observed and judged than your intentions!

The current tribally impregnated political atmosphere with your government has not yet done anything meaningful to address is establishing itself as an everlasting impeding block to our quest to build a better Gambia. Thus, only frank and open practical actions would help address this and you should take the lead. It is not an accusation that I am laying over you, but it is an all known fact that you were campaigning for the ”so-called” tactical alliance. However, I wonder how you receive the news that ”your party” the UDP has secured more than 50% of the seats available for the parliament. Dear Mr President, if you simile over it you are not the right leader for the new Gambia… that is my money!

I am not happy because I have been to the parliament several times and have seen how useless it is, we have all seen how dangerously Jammeh tried to sink the country and tried to prevent you from assuming your office because of his overwhelming majority. You are all politicians, the Gambians must not trust you entirely!

We need Christians in the parliament Mr. President and you can put them in there! The peaceful nature and religious co-existence in the Gambia is indeed applaudable at least by what is publicly been manifested.

Thus, by what should be, every component of our cosmopolitan society needs proper representation in the national assembly, especial that votes are not recently cast but based on sentimental divisive issues that do not interest me to dwell on.

We challenge our trust laid dead upon you (the coalition) and voted Jammeh out in order to transform our country into a modern democratic state where all would be duly represented or heard, thus in chasing such a worthy vision of the new Gambia it requires even representation in our House to amend and enact better appealing laws that would bind us as a nation (not as mere country men).

Therefore, Mr. President I would have loved to see you include in your five-man list nomination into the parliament at least two Christians that we may feel haven’t been represented yet on the same interest of better our Gambia. That is my money.

Toney F Mendy