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Letters :Football heart break again

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Dear editor,

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I read the piece on another football heartbreak and wept silently in my room on Monday.

I am old enough to remember how good Gambian football was. Even though our target was never fathomed along qualifying for the nations cup, but we were a proud footballing nation in the sub region. We were beating all but Senegal in the region. Now we are the no hoppers and useless footballing nation in the whole region. And interestingly there is more money in football now than before.

Four and half years of profound national frustration, anger and wasteful spending in football tourism and big fat fishing expedition by the GFF has now come to nothing. We are out and done by.

The state of our football remains a source of shame, disgrace and disappointment and I call for the resignation of Team Kaba.
Four and half years of Team Kaba has now become a national embarrassment compounded with anger and frustration.

The silver lining based on the successful outcome of the GFF appeal against the decision of the Confederation of African Football by CAS has now dimmed with the definite unassailable lead by Benin. Undoubtedly a huge amount of money must have been spent on both appeals at Caf and CAS on foreign lawyers.

The moral authority of the GFF to part company with huge sums of money on this matter explains the desperation and frustration of the football authority to salvage the poor record in office. I call for teamwork and professionalism and no to the high toxic football politics and deeply military minded GFF administration.

Babucarr Sarr

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