Letters: Stale narrative


Dear editor,

As a matter of routine partisan banter, we have spent the past four (4) years arguing and pointing fingers as to what or who bears the greatest responsibility or made the most significant contribution to the collapse of Coalition 2016. In all of these arguments and counter accusations, we tend to excuse or minimize or even rationalize the main architect and the chief beneficiary of the Coalition’s shaky start and its eventual disintegration. It’s none other than President Barrow himself. Even laughable is the fact the President has used his position to sell a conflicting narrative to various political leaders, pitting them against each other while creating political fortune from the fall out.

At a time when our country is faced with stark choice between change (in keeping with the overwhelming hope and aspiration of many) and continuity of the perilous path marred by recklessness, incompetence and gross irresponsibility (serving the interest of the very few), reviving what is obviously a stale narrative is not only trivial but waste of precious time and an orchestrated diversion from important matters.


I am making a bold pronouncement that our collective national project of 2016 is almost a failure bar few accomplishments. We now have the golden but limited opportunity to reset the agenda and move the country in different but productive direction that benefits all of us and not just the greedy, shameless and lazy few. This onerous project, anchored on renewed optimism and robust citizen engagement, requires serious, laser-focused and substantive discussions. Not grandstanding or political gamesmanship.

Zakaria Kemo Konteh


My bonus/gift

Dear editor,

Additional charges are normal to ordinary citizens and befitting to Donald Trump. ‘Inciting a [deadly] insurrection’ is one charge, but ‘neglecting responsibilities during an insurrection’ is another charge that should be added to see which Republicans have little bit of sense of concern. It is vital for every person to understand this is a moment of learning beyond the u.s, and each country must try to make new laws that vividly details how to deal with similar issues. It is about precedent,  but far beyond the u.s. Media houses should have  survey questions for grade 12 students to university students and some ordinary citizens.  1: A person who incites an insurrection , that happens to be deadly,  should be…… A: Tried (impeached) and put to death. B: Tried and sentenced to life in prison. C: Tried, barred from office or voting. D: Ignored. E:———

Question 2: Suppose a domestic or foreign individual incited an insurrection, A president or individual who neglects a duty or opportunity to stop an insurrection should be…. use similar options of punishment to gauge and educate the populace. Many countries have laws that will punish you for passing a victim of an accident, without efforts to help or notify authorities. Contrast an accident versus an insurrection, an ordinary citizen versus someone employed to defend people, not just a constitution, etc. I strongly believe he is under charged and sending a very dangerous signal to other countries, but new laws in your country can thwart that signal.  The words and/or mindset of ‘I can shoot without losing votes [or freedom]’; I can defy fair elections results like Yahya Jammeh, Donald Trump,  and xyz; and cowards will eventually appeal for my pardon is in many countries. The direct and indirect lives it cost in the Gambia and u.s are enough; without new laws and strong action oriented message, let us brace for the death of many lawmakers or senior folks in a country.  Should I pay someone to incite an insurrection and choose inaction like Trump, then argue even  America tolerated neglecting an insurrection…? Alcohol leaning Nancy Pelosi and cohorts, I think we should bomb your house with marijuana air for possible thinking. Will the department of justice and private citizens drag  Trump to court with more charges? Even the mainstream media is using insurrection instead of a deadly insurrection; and falling short of calling for more charges? We should equally bomb the  media houses with marijuana air and try to legalize it worldwide. Other major inciters should also be charged. I applaud the house Republicans who voted for impeachment and I bet this recommended second charge can get more Republicans in the house and Senate to accept and hold Trump to account.  May the Lord legalize marijuana worldwide this year and make it much better for us.

Jarga Kebba Gigo

Activist and transformer