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Letters: The marginalisation of Kombo and Kombon’kas in The Gambia


Dear editor,

This is a topic that is very close to home and I have talked about it in the past and thank God it took a very brave and courageous woman in Fatou Jaw Manneh to brooch the topic into mainstream political discourse in The Gambia.
It’s a very sensitive topic but it has to be addressed.
How can it be right for the government to declare people’s family lands government property and in turn give that land to private property developers for personal business enterprises?

How can it be the law to take people’s lands away from them without their consent and compensation and give that land to private individuals of the choosing of the government- it’s the law we’re told!

How can anyone form a government in The Gambia and appoint half of the country’s cabinet ministers and ambassadors from Banjul and the rest from Bansang and Baddibu?
Some idiot once told me because Kombon’kas are not educated that’s why?
A very rude and idiotic view widely shared among these half-human, half-animal morons! You don’t want to know what I told him!

Whether Kombon’kas are educated or not, Kombon’kas like any other people and regions of The Gambia should be represented in government- cabinet jobs and ambassadorial appointments are public political appointments and should be distributed across the country.

It’s not about they are educated, it’s about giving one another a meal ticket and fixing one another in top government positions to connive and defraud the people- that’s all?
Only an illiterate will deem these people educated and competent- they don’t seem to understand anything about anything and the worst part is that they are very selfish and stupid.

If you tell me I’m educated, I’m a medical doctor or engineer of sorts, hats off: other than that, you can shove your piece of shit!
Just look how these so-called educated and competent people are ruining our democracy and national development efforts!

They don’t even understand the basic concept of democratic politics and they don’t know anything about economics and national development- all they understand is steal, loot and defraud the country unbeknown to the sometimes useful idiots.
The only solution to the nonsense is for Kombon’kas to get involved in politics and stand up for their political and economic interests in The Gambia.

If they are educated, let them go where they are from and go help out there!
You can’t appoint one another into ministerial jobs in government, take people’s lands away from them and say that’s the law: we are educated and deserve it.
No reasonable person thinks like that.
It should be stopped! Getting involved in politics is the only solution.
It takes one election and one government to undo all the nonsense policies of the previous governments.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang





State is a Frankenstein monster

Dear editor,

I am no anarchist but if there is any one I distrust it is the State, every State, everywhere. It is the biggest mafia, cartel, baron, manipulator, torturer, human rights violator, misinformer. It has at its sole disposal all the instruments of torture and misinformation: the police, prisons, secret service, law, informers, media. And yes, it can deliberately fib.
Take a look at every State on terra firma, be it a “democracy” or another “ism”. Show me one which holds on to “values” when its chips are down…

So it must behoove on all to guard their sovereignty, to protect each other when the State transgresses, to insist on the rule of law when the State breaks the law. But more important to march in favour of justice when the State acts unjustly, against one of their own. It’s our humanity which must matter, not the colour of our skins or the language of our tongues.

Read my lips: when you stand up with the State when it acts unjustly towards any human , it would devour you sooner too. And none would be there to stand up with you. Interest, not values, is what the State protects and advances.

Njundu Drammeh

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