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Letters to the Editor

Letter to Gambia High Principal

An appeal to revoke the expulsion of the student involved in the “sexual” dance shared on social media.

It is with humility that I respectfully write to your reputable office through the office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education appealing for you to mercifully revisit your decision of expelling the student involved in the above-mentioned act.


Sir, it is true that the said incident was sad and unfortunate and I share with you the pain gained as the principal of such a renowned institution in the educational history of our dear country but it is in controlling the damage already made that I believe she should be maintained in school in order to curb the stigma society has already laid on her and by extension her family.


As this will prevent the additional damage of her either dropping out of school because of societal fear or being further stigmatized at any new school she may transfer to if your decision not revisited which will in the long run deprive her of the potentials of achieving a meaningful growth both academically and morally for she will as a result be a subject of neglect.


However Sir, it is important for us all to note that children are like moulded clay pots that carry the shape given to them thus their growth must and should be strictly and jealously guided and guarded against social influences as they grow which should be practised both at home and in school (with the inclusion of early family life education on the accepted cultural norms and values and as well sexual knowledge) to accord them the right mental growth.


Moreover, the growing evolution of our society at the speed of globalization with the increasing influx of social media demands that carers (parents, teachers, principals, etc) employ extra commitment to the responsibility of providing adequate and update-to-date child counselling that would instill in them a moral growth which will suit the norms of our society to ensure their progressive development into responsible adults.

Sir, it will be sad for you to know that the involved student is already psychologically vulnerable and could likely suffer from depression as well as her family if further stigmatized (by isolation in the form of expulsion) hence the need for her to be made a priority both at school and at home with adequate psychotherapy to enable her age over the current crisis.


And this can be better achieved with her maintenance at your school because her association with her friends at your school will quicken her recovery from the trauma and also stimulate her acceptance back into society.

I thank you in advance while counting on your kind consideration.

Muhammed Teks Tekanyi

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