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Letters to the Editor: Endorsement

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Dear Editor,

I’m excited to endorse Kebba E Jallow for the secretary general and the party leader for the PPP because I know he will champion the values, ideals, and principles of the PPP.

Kebba Jallow first contested for the PPP as a councilor in 1977 and continued to stand under PPP tickets until 1992 becoming the first chairman or mayor of KMC. Chairman Jallow joined PPP at the age of 18 years and has contributed immensely in promoting the PPP in The Gambia. He will bring in over 40 years of experience in The Gambia and PPP politics to help guide and protect the tradition, norms, culture, ideals, and values of the PPP. With his wisdom, he stands a better chance to unify the PPP.

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Mr Kebba Jallow, in contrast to other politicians in the PPP government, just like Honourable Omar Jallow (OJ) never looked the other way or justified or advanced any reasons to work with a military government that overthrew a democratically elected government he was serving. He outrightly rejected and condemned the despicable 1994 coup and went to live in exile for over 22 years.

While in the USA, he was among the pioneers who established the PPP USA chapter and helped many Gambians in supporting their asylum cases to save them from despotism. He was also among the few Gambians who initiated the struggle against Yahya Jammeh’s rule. At the time of the coup, he was the chairman of the KMC, but left all that behind and never waivered or made any mistake to work with AFPRC for even one day.

For continuity, Mr Kebba is the right person to lead the PPP. I know him as a great listener with the right temperament. He is humble, tolerant, and accommodating. Since he returned, he worked very hard to strengthen the PPP base all over the country. In 2018, he was encouraged to contest at our congress, but he turned it down since, at the time, he would have to acquaint himself with the Gambian political climate after living in exile for 22 years.

Mr Jallow’s only objective is to revive the PPP; it does not matter to him who is the leader. After the election of Papa Njie, Mr Jallow supported and worked with him for the continuity, peace, and stability of our great party. He did not see himself but the PPP.

For Mr Kebba, PPP is not about an individual, it is about collective efforts and he strongly believes in the party’s motto: The voice of the People is the Voice of God.

After Papa Njie was appointed ambassador, the PPP executive members unanimously nominated him to become the interim leader of the PPP. I am very proud to say since he took over as interim leader, the PPP has begun to make significant progress by engaging  both the old and young. 

Mr Kebba Jallow participated fully in and continues to support the Coalition 2016 agenda as agreed by the PPP.

Besides the above, Mr Kebba was appointed as the secretary general of the PPP National Youth Wing by the late Sir Dawda Jawara in 1992. His appointment was made due to his dedication to the principles, values, and ideals of the PPP.

Mr Kebba Jallow lives his entire life as a strong, dedicated, and committed PPP member and has never waivered. The choice is clear considering his experience and personality. Mr Jallow is the only right person in this crucial time to lead the PPP. I am urging all PPP members to support Mr Kebba E Jallow’s candidacy.

Kebba L Nanko

PPP propaganda secretary

USA Chapter

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