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Letters to the Editor: Touma Njie should apologise to us and to Allah!

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I read in your newspaper last week that two people will be contesting for the headship of the People’s Progressive Party at the party’s next congress. One of them is Ms Fatoumata Njie alias Touma.

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On 5th December 2019, What’s On – Gambia wrote this about her: “Her name is Fatoumata Njie, also known as Touma. She’s the National Assembly member for Banjul South. Touma wants a complete removal of mosques from public places like the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital and Gambia College.  ‘Yes, I am a practising Muslim and they can call me whatever they wish but I will speak my mind,’ she said.

What’s On – Gambia attributed the quote in quote to her from your newspaper, The Standard.

This woman is a representative of a constituency in the capital which has at least 75 per cent of its inhabitants as Muslims. This statement of hers must be insulting and deeply hurtful to many of them as it should be to any Muslim who is not a hypocrite. Instead of advocating for more godliness in our lives, she has the audacity in the name of so-called democracy to denigrate the religion of her Dear fathers and of her mothers.

She should have been censured and condemned in the strongest terms for her silly remarks. In addition the good people of Banjul South should have demanded her immediate recall as their representative at the national bantaba. Instead, here she is declaring her intention to want to lead a national party. If the PPP should ever elect such a person as its party leader, it will be cursed in this life and in the hereafter.

How can any person call for the demolition or closure of the house of Allah, be it a mosque, church or synagogue in a public place in a Muslim nation like The Gambia and you expect the respect and endorsement of Gambians?

Yunus Fatty


Kanifing Municipality

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