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Libya envoy blames West for ‘back way’ exodus

“The African migration to the north is a natural phenomenon entailed by harsh international economic relations that are imposed upon the poor South despite its enormous resources. We must cooperate to put in place realistic and just policies towards stopping the wastage of huge human resources that Africa is suffering from. We must know the causes of the phenomenon to effect development, education and the creation of a conducive and realistic environment to discourage and avert our youths from venturing into the unknown. The nomenclatures and definitions given to Africa recently, for example, terrorism and hard line doctrines, is a matter of concern for us but we must search for the real causes of its genesis. We must not  turn a blind eye to its potential danger and harm because the continent is still exploited by the great powers

“Africans cannot feel or see the signs of their wealth on themselves – poverty, diseases are swords of Damocles over our people. Despite the lack of any accepted international definition of terrorism, the religion of Islam is always meant by this invidious term. African Muslims are part of the great Islamic nation and have profusely contributed to the great human civilization. They are concerned about whatever calamity befalls their brothers and sisters in the greater Islamic world like killings and destructions in Burma, the Central African Republic, the Philippines ,Iraq, Afghanistan and Jerusalem in Palestine. It is not a secret that the African Muslims have equal rights in Palestine by virtue of it being a sacred land to them.”


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