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Live and let live in politics

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The throwing of one’s hat in the political arena in a country is often a sign of patriotism and the individual’s intense desire to serve his/her nation. It is true that some do it with the sole purpose of getting rich, famous or powerful, but these are the exceptions.

The people who choose to contest for public office should therefore be presumed to be patriots. They should be given that due respect and honour until such time that they prove -through words or deeds – that they aren’t. We should all assume that these people who wish to run for mayor or chairperson of area councils have the desire to see the country develop.

Aspirants and their supporters should thus campaign based on plans and programs; what they want to, or intend to do when elected in to office. We have seen of recent remarks that are uncalled for and which have no place – or should have no place – in our body polity.

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Besides, we are all citizens of this nation and as such it shouldn’t matter what language one speaks, the region one comes from or what ethnic group one belongs to. Simply put candidates should vie with each other on the basis of their track record or what she/he has achieved.

Let the debates and speeches be on plans, policies and programs rather than individuals and their personal issues.

Let us have clean politics!

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