The government stated this in a statement issued on Friday while reacting to the recent xenophobic attacks against foreign black migrants in South Africa and the death of thousands of African migrants in the Mediterranean Sea.  

The statement reads in part: “The government of The Gambia condemns the shameful and violent xenophobic attacks threatening the lives and properties of black nationals from other countries in South Africa. These disgraceful and criminal acts against black migrants in South Africa could not have come at a worst time considering the tragic deaths of hundreds of young Africans in the Mediterranean Sea and the killing with impunity of blacks in the West. These racist onslaughts against Africans and people of African descent should have been the main preoccupation of all Africans including South African blacks who had to put up with brutal racist violence until recently.

“Equally of concern to the government of The Gambia is the silence or lack of action on the part of the AU on this matter and other issues that should have been a major concern to the AU as a continental organisation, such as the massive loss of African lives in the Mediterranean Sea on a daily basis.  The tragic deaths of young Africans on the Mediterranean European coast have prompted the EU leaders to take decisive action when in fact the AU should have taken the lead.    If the welfare of Africans, wherever they may be, is not of paramount importance to the AU, then one is left with no choice but to wonder in whose interest the AU exists?  


“Therefore, the government of The Gambia calls on the AU to summon an emergency summit of the heads of state to address these two alarming situations, that is, the deaths of non-South African blacks in South Africa and the deaths of young Africans in the Mediterranean Sea.   As Africans and as Muslims, the people and the government of The Gambia cannot be indifferent to what is going on at a time when we are fighting for a peaceful and prosperous Africa so that tomorrow, we the current leaders will bequeath to the African children – our children – a very prosperous, peaceful and dignified united continent.  

“If the AU’s existence is only to organise regular summits and come up with resolutions that are never implemented whilst the preoccupations and wellbeing of the African masses are not being addressed by the AU, then it is high time that a new continental organisation is created. An organisation that will be interested in the welfare and wellbeing of Africans; an organisation that will unite Africa and Africans to work together as one black family to protect our resources from exploitation by external racist powers; an organisation that will protect every African wherever they may be in the world and defend every black man and woman from the racist onslaughts being perpetrated against them.

“The Government of The Gambia hereby calls on the AU to live up to the expectations of the African people or else disappear into the dustbin of history. It is also high time that African leaders lived up to the expectations of the African people and stand united in defence of the collective interest of African people and all people of African descent everywhere in the world.  We cannot be indifferent to the mass slaughter of Africans simply because they are black.  If Europe, which is ten times smaller than Africa, can come together in defence of European interest which mostly is to the detriment of African livelihood and prosperity, why can’t we as a continent as big as Africa – the richest and wealthiest in terms of mineral and natural resources – come together to defend the interest of every black man and woman against what is happening?”