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Lotto still awaits first millionaire

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 They include Momodou Jeng seen in the picture collecting his D20,000 prize money from Louis A Mendy, the young and talented technical director and agent Jabou Njie.

Meanwhile, Lotto wishes to apologise for the short draw on  television  on Saturday which prevented  them from presenting the numbers of winners and the amount on prizes.

“We will make sure that it does not happen again. We thank the people of The Gambia for the support and also our customers. We are here for the people of The Gambia,” said sales and marketing director Mamadi Ceesay. 

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Lotto urges all to make use of the great opportunity to become a millionaire each week by playing Lotto for just D15. 

“You can find our agents everywhere dressed mostly in green shirts with the word Lotto emblazoned on them,” Ceesay concluded.

Here is the full payment report for this week:

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5 winners of 2 correct numbers – D20, 000

66 winners of 4 correct numbers each – D2,300 

367 winners of 3 correct numbers each winning two tickets and 2,317 winners of 2 correct numbers each winning a ticket to play lotto again.

Winning numbers this week are:


 32 – 21 – 36 – 01 -34 – 16.


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