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Lucrative pension benefits for judicial officials 


Dear editor,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent proposal put forth by the Justice Minister, suggesting “fully furnished” homes and additional benefits for the Chief Justice, Judges, and other judicial officers. This proposal, if approved by the National Assembly, could have far-reaching consequences for our society, and I believe it is essential to address this matter in a public forum.

While it is crucial to maintain the independence and dignity of our judiciary, we must also recognise the broader context in which this proposal arises. The idea of providing luxurious accommodations and privileges exclusively for judicial officers raises concerns of inequality and self-interest within our government.

Our society relies on the dedicated efforts of various public servants, including teachers, nurses, and other civil servants, who tirelessly serve the public with their skills and commitment. It is disheartening to think that a bill proposing lavish benefits for one group of public servants would be considered while others continue to face financial struggles and challenges in their professions.

The principle of fairness and equality should guide our government’s decisions. If this bill is approved, it may lead to a perception of favoritism, creating a sense of injustice among those who deserve equal recognition and support for their contributions to society. Such disparities in treatment could potentially result in more industrious actions, such as strikes, as public servants demand fair compensation and improved working conditions.

I urge our esteemed members of the National Assembly to consider the implications of this bill on our society’s overall well-being. Let us prioritise policies and legislation that promote equality and fairness, ensuring that all public servants, regardless of their profession or position, are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

In the spirit of transparency and public discourse, I implore you to shed light on this issue, encouraging our elected representatives to make decisions that reflect the values of our nation and address the concerns of the people they serve.

Thank you for your commitment to fostering open dialogue and responsible governance.

Momodou M Cham,

Faculty of Education (UTG)

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